The holiday season means party time. From Thanksgiving Day until New Year’s Eve, people attend party after party—sometimes even with multiple parties on the same day. Rich foods and alcoholic drinks are standard features at these gatherings. People often pack on several pounds of weight between November and January.

Healthy Holiday Foods

(Pixabay / edusoft)

It’s possible, however, to attend the obligatory holiday parties and stay healthy at the same time. There are plenty of food choices at any party. The trick is to pick the nutritious ones and limit alcohol intake.

Here are some healthy food choices for the holidays:

  • Brussels sprouts – These compact veggies resembling baby lettuce heads are dense with fiber, potassium, folic acid and vitamin C. This combination of vitamins and minerals is essential in hastening healing and bolstering the immune system. Gross? Maybe. Healthy? Yes!
  • Chestnuts – Cooked and peeled chestnuts are low in saturated fats and high in fiber. These holiday snacks offer a sweet, nutty flavor that is ideal for stuffing, vegetable dishes or salads.
  • Roast turkey – And the most obvious one, roast turkey is the staple of a Thanksgiving meal, but it is also popular at Christmas. Turkey is a good source of protein, vitamins B6 and B12, zinc and potassium. potassium, and the meat of the turkey is low in saturated fat.

Eating healthy during holiday parties will help you avoid gaining unwanted weight and also avoid toxins that are common in processed foods. After fattening up over the holidays, you can support your health through total body cleansing to help remove accumulated toxins from the body.