The toxins that we pick up from processed foods and pollution in the environment affect our bodily functions. Detoxification is aimed at optimizing the body’s natural waste elimination system. It can help replenish the body with important nutrients and flush out harmful toxins.

Total Body Cleansing

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Humans’ three main elimination organs are the kidneys, liver, and colon. These organs function non-stop to ensure that waste is removed from the body efficiently.

People are equipped with two kidneys. Kidneys are approximately the size of the human fist. The kidneys are located near the base of the ribcage on both sides of the spine. Each kidney contains millions of nephrons which act as filtering units. Blood in the circulatory system is filtered, and the waste is excreted out of the body as urine.

The liver is the body’s largest organ, situated on the lower right side of the abdomen. The liver filters the blood in the body, eliminating harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol. The liver also aids in the digestion process. After you eat, the liver produces bile, which is stored in the gallbladder, to break down food for efficient digestion.

The colon is the longest part of the large intestine and works by flushing out toxic matter from the human body. Measuring over five feet, it has three sections. The fecal matter passes through the entire length of the colon until the body excretes it.

When the body has accumulated a lot of toxic material, the detoxifying organs can become sluggish and unable to optimally perform their functions. This is when detoxification is needed most. Detox procedures allow the body systems to take a rest and return to full health and function. Detox products provide a total body cleansing while the organs are busy recovering.

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