July 5 is National Workaholics Day. The day is dedicated to people who can’t seem to break away from the office. Workaholics often feel that they are not doing enough if they haven’t spent countless hours at the office. Workaholics may become so obsessed with their work obligations that they may neglect their health and relationships.

Workaholic Detox

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Working all the time could become counterproductive if it gets you sick. Workaholics may neglect meals because of their preoccupation with work. They may lose interest in eating healthy because they are so wrapped up in work. Without making healthy eating a priority, workaholics may simply eat whatever is available, which may include grab-and-go processed food.

Workaholics would do well to reorganize their priorities and place their health at the top of the list. A good first step is to try and focus on digital detoxes. Most workaholics constantly check their emails and smartphone messages. They may find themselves behaving like reactive robots that twitch every time someone sends a signal. Digital detoxing will allow people to take a break from their electronic devices and live distraction-free.

Workaholics should leave work behind when they enter their home rather than constantly checking their phone. It’s important to be present to live a balanced life. Try hiding the phone the moment you get home or entrusting it to the care of a close family member. Don’t retrieve your phone until you are ready to head to work the next day.

While at the workplace, turn on your phone only when necessary, such as when you are actually sending work-related messages. You should refrain from looking at your phone every moment as if your life depends on it.

In addition to a digital detox, workaholics could benefit from a total body cleansing using detox drinks. Because workaholics often favor quick, processed meals over healthy, natural foods, they can be at greater risk of accumulating toxins. Participating in a detox cleansing will remove pernicious toxins and restore the body to its optimum condition.