It’s not easy to stay in shape in winter. We often feel more hungry when the weather is cold because in order to maintain our internal body temperature, we need to consume more energy. When we eat more to accommodate this added need for energy, our bodies work harder digesting food. Thus, we often have less energy for other important needs including immune function. When our immune function is down, we can become more vulnerable to illnesses.


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A winter detox gives us to the opportunity to harness our energy, hit the reset button on our winter food intake, and stay energized and healthy in spite of frigid winter temperatures. Beyond that, the holidays also create a need for detox cleansing in the winter. The holiday season is characterized by overindulgence, fatigue, and chronic stress. These elements can tax our bodies, making detox cleansing crucial to regain energy and vitality for the coming year. In addition, a winter detox can tune us in to the food-body-mind relationship and help us be more careful in maintaining balance in our lives.

Detoxifying Habits

Exercising is essential for strong health. When we exercise, our body becomes more efficient at circulating and flushing out toxins. If you are on a reduced-calorie or juice diet, stick with low-intensity exercises such as walking and yoga. Once you go back to your regular diet, you can resume high impact workouts.
Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system that helps get rid of body toxins. Brushing the skin surface improves blood circulation and keeps skin pores open, allowing for the discharge of metabolic wastes. It also strengthens the immune system.

Sauna therapy is also helpful. It provides a deep, cleansing sweat. Sweating eliminates a lot of body toxins. Heating body tissues can help ward off infections and diseases.

Outdoor Winter Workout

It can be tough to get yourself out the door to workout during winter. If braving the icy temperatures to get to the gym feels daunting, consider investing in some basic workout equipment and getting fit at home this winter. Commit to 25 minutes a day. You’ll be surprised by how much time you save by not having to drive to the gym. And even though the weather is chilly, don’t avoid the outdoors altogether. Engaging in fun outside activities, like building a snowman or ice skating, is a great, entertaining way to stay in shape.

Don’t let the cold weather sabotage your healthy lifestyle. Start your winter off right with detox cleansing and a healthy exercise routine.