People have their established routines throughout the year, but those often change during the winter season. The changes may be due to the challenges of the cold temperature. Surprisingly, discomfort in cold isn’t the only factor. Additionally, the cold is often attributed as making people hungrier. People need to eat more to have more energy and maintain the internal temperature required by the body to function normally. Most people are staying indoors and exercising less during winter while craving more food. Another problem is that, in conjunction with holiday parties, people are eating greasier foods and drinking more alcohol.

Winter Detox

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People’s winter habits can lead to an accumulation of toxins in the body. People inhale more toxins during the cold weather because they tend to open their doors and windows less. The result is greater exposure to more heavily polluted air inside the home. And if you live in cities surrounded by mountains, then you know about inversions, too.

The following are tips for detoxifying during winter:

  • Reduce burning processes inside the house – Toxic fumes are created when there is too much combustion inside the house, such as burning fireplaces, candles, and stoves. When burning a fire or cooking, be sure to have sufficient air flow going to push the inside toxins outside.
  • Exercise – It is always essential to exercise, even during the coldest days of winter. Exercise boosts the circulation of blood and induces sweating, which flushes out toxins. Don’t have your own workout equipment at home? You can still exercise even if you’re trapped inside due to inclement weather. Get creative and use body weight exercises or follow online workout routines.
  • Detox – Detoxification is one way to target the accumulation of toxins in the body. Various detox kits are available on the market. You could try detox pills or liquid detox drinks, which come in different strengths depending on the level of your body’s toxin load.

Staying healthy and fit during the wintertime can help combat the winter blues and keep you looking and feeling your best.