There has been a dramatic shift in public opinion about marijuana use in the country. As recently as 2006, about 60% of Americans opposed the legalization of marijuana use. A new survey shows that 60% of Americans today are in favor of legalizing cannabis. This shift is largely due to the fact that more than 60% of millennials desire the legalization of marijuana.

Americans Support or Oppose Legalized Marijuana

(Pixabay / yurton)

Here’s a closer look at the polarized views of Americans who support and oppose marijuana legalization.

Claims of supporters:

  • Marijuana can help minimize seizures in people with epilepsy.
  • Marijuana, when legalized, would put criminal drug dealers out of business because people will buy from legal dispensaries or outlets.
  • Marijuana does not bring harm like alcohol does. It is also a good substitute for pharmaceuticals in providing relief for many medical conditions.
  • Legalizing marijuana will allow people to have complete control over their body instead of the government dictating what is best for us.
  • The government will have more control over marijuana use when it is regulated and taxed.

Claims of objectors:

  • Marijuana makes people act badly. It affects their judgment and motor skills.  This could have particularly harmful effects when people drive vehicles while under the influence of the drug.
  • Legalizing marijuana will put too many drugs on the street, something that we don’t need in our country.
  • Marijuana is a drug with various side effects. As such, it should be used only for medicinal purposes and not for recreational reasons.
  • Marijuana could have long-term negative effects, particularly for those who become addicted at young ages.
  • Marijuana is a gateway drug and could increase the number of drug addicts in America.

Though there are compelling arguments on both sides, it is clear that the trend is toward greater support for marijuana legalization.