Many U.S. states have approved the recreational use of marijuana or cannabis. Marijuana users buy their weed from different suppliers, often without actually knowing the origin of the drug. With the actual growing of cannabis still being prohibited in the U.S., there is a good chance that the drugs that many Americans are buying came from foreign cannabis plantations.

Which Countries Produce the Most Marijuana?

(Pixabay / StayRegular)

The following are the top cannabis-producing countries:

  • Colombia – In addition to being the center of cocaine production, Colombia is a major producer of high-grade cannabis. Introduced from Panama in the 1920s, cannabis grows well in the country because of its climate. The medical use of cannabis became legal in this country in 2015.
  • Afghanistan – The indica variety of cannabis originated in Afghanistan and India. In 2010, the country was the world’s largest supplier of cannabis. It is estimated that Cannabis dominates between 25,000 and 59,000 acres of farm land in Afghanistan. Incidentally, the cannabis trade is the main source of funding for many of the world’s terrorist groups.
  • India – India grows cannabis in large quantities, although the harvest is mainly consumed locally.
  • Jamaica – Jamaica is the largest Caribbean supplier of illegal cannabis to the U.S. and other Caribbean Islands. The Jamaican government has enacted some legalization legalized regarding cultivation of cannabis, particularly for the members of the Rastafari religion.
  • Mexico – The word “marijuana” is of Mexican origin. Mexico is one of the largest cannabis producers in the world. Acapulco Gold, a potent cannabis variety grown in the coastal regions of Mexico, accounts for two-thirds of the cannabis consumed in the U.S.
  • Netherlands – Towards the close of the 20th Century, this country was a big consumer of cannabis, leading to the advanced cultivation of the crop. The government today has cracked down on commercial cultivation and personal consumption of cannabis.