International Women’s Day got its start during a conference for working women in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1910. Organizers wanted to designate one day each year for women all over the world to rally for equality. In March of the following year, the world observed the first International Women’s Day. Since then, women and girls around the globe continue to celebrate the day on March 8.

International Womens Day

(Pixabay / MabelAmber)

While the world today cannot speak of absolute gender equality, the great divide that separates genders is slowly being bridged. Women have come a long way in making inroads in the different areas of life – social, economic, cultural, and political.While women have often been considered second-class citizens, that is changing in many countries of the world.

Rather than bowing to the discriminatory confines of male-dominated governments, women today are making their voices heard when it comes to social and political issues. They are often at the vanguard of the movement to bring education, job training, and healthcare to their people. They take part in charitable walks and fundraising events to support abused and underserved women. They actively join campaigns for a healthy and clean environment.

In the field of politics, we can look to trailblazing female icons. Indira Gandhi broke barriers asthe first female prime minister of India. Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom, dubbed the Iron Lady, was the longest-serving British Prime Minister during the 20th century. Theresa May currently holds that position. Germany, too, is lead by a woman: Angela Merkel. In the field of economics, women are not left behind. Janet Yellen is the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Many executives of major corporations are female.

Women are also actively making names for themselves in the fields of sports and fitness. They are accomplished Olympic athletes and standouts on women’s sports teams.At the grassroots level, you will often see the same number of women as men when you go to the gym.

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