The United States government has been waging a war on drugs for many years. In spite of all of its efforts, however, no “winner” is even close to being in sight. Drugs flow into the country from different sources and the fight against drugs, although not as successful as the government would like, has netted several big busts. Here are a few of the most memorable ones:

Biggest Domestic Drug Busts

(Pixabay / 3839153)

Miami’s Multi-Million Discovery

In June 2016, Miami-Dade police discovered $20 million hidden inside 5-gallon buckets. The buckets were kept behind a fake wall that was accessible to the suspect’s home. The police received information that the suspect was growing marijuana. A search of the drug cultivator’s home led the police to his illegal fortune.

Mexico City Meth

Drug agents from the United States and Mexico set up a huge drug bust in Mexico City in March 2007, seizing over $200 million. It all started when American police seized more than 20 tons of pseudoephedrine, a cold medication that is used in the production of meth. The investigation lasted three years, leading the agents to Mexico where they arrested several people, including two from China. Drugs, money, people cooking meth, and drug dealers were taken off the streets as a result of this bi-national drug bust.

City by the Bay Bust

Officials in San Francisco, California seized a motherlode of drugs in 1991. The drug was known as “China White” and was a type of heroin with a particularly potent effect on its users. The heroin stockpile had a street value of billions of dollars and was accompanied by equally large amounts of cash. The DEA operatives seized the bank accounts of the people involved in the case. The amount of heroin found by government agents was so huge that it was more than enough to give every resident of the city two doses of the drug. Government agents intercepted the drugs while in transit to a San Francisco suburb warehouse.