People typically perform a detox procedure in order to get rid of the accumulated toxins in the body. However, detox can also help decrease your stress hormones, facilitating a more balanced state for the body. The best detox plans not only consider what we put into our body but also the way we respond to stressors in our environment.

Reduce Stress with Detox

(Pixabay / kirahoffmann)

The following steps could help you reduce stress and achieve greater balance:

  • Plan your next day before you go to bed – Before you hit the pillow at night, plan out your schedule for the following day. In the evening, you are often in a more relaxed state of mind than you are when you first wake up and face an avalanche of to-dos. Write down your tasks and scheduled activities. That way, you won’t wake up with your head swirling and a gut full of anxiety.
  • Prioritize your tasks – As you write down your list of tasks, make it a point to trim down your scheduled activities to fit within your time limits. Then put your to-dos in order according to their importance and urgency. This can keep you from going around in circles as you try to get everything done.
  • Learn to say no – There will always be more opportunities to spend your time than you can facilitate. Learn how to politely but firmly establish your parameters. If you give in to what everybody wants, you will be tired and stressed out all the time. Be the master of your own fate.
  • Start your day slowly – Just as you wouldn’t sprint at the beginning of a marathon, you shouldn’t start every day at a running pace. Work slowly and steadily through your task list, being patient if things don’t go as smoothly as you hope. Remember to conserve your energy so it will last until bedtime. Don’t burn through it at the outset only to have it run out by the afternoon or evening.

As you aim to reduce stress, you can take detox drinks periodically to rid your body of accumulated toxins. Total body cleansing involves purifying both your body and mind.