If the holiday threw off your healthy living, you’re in good company. Many Americans drift away from their disciplined health choices during the holiday months. Don’t beat yourself up too badly. Rather, use the New Year as a chance to rebound and recommit to healthy living.

Healthy Lifestyle Commitment

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You probably know what you need to do to get healthy. The challenge is knowing exactly how to go about it. Here are a few pointers to make healthy goals more achievable.

Weight Loss

There are different recommendations on how to lose weight. Some of them will leave you feeling starved. This ultimately sends people back to the kitchen where they pack on the very pounds they were trying to shed. Rather than opting for drastic plans, try for slow, gradual weight loss. Cut back on sugar and starches, eating plenty of protein and vegetables partnered with healthy fats. Try keeping a food journal to plan out your meals, then record what you actually ate. (Include snacks in the log—those can add up.) Gradual, well-planned weight loss helps you lose weight without getting overly hungry and improves your metabolic processes.

Getting Fit

You can burn calories and build muscle without going to the gym or buying pricey exercise gear. Opt for a simple plan that involves five components, all of which can be done in the comfort of your home. The components include a warm-up, an aerobic workout, resistance exercises, flexibility training, and a cool down. You can devise your own exercise routine for each component. Check online for some great workout ideas to get you started.


Detox helps rid your body and its vital organs of accumulated toxins. Using one-hour liquid detox drinks can eliminate toxins fast and help your liver take a break from the cleansing functions in order to regenerate itself. You will feel healthier and full of energy after a detox session. PureDetox has a line of herbal detox products for any kind of body size or shape.