The debate on whether to allow or prohibit the use of marijuana wages on. Opponents to legalization point out that the drug has been linked to short-term memory problems, anxiety, psychotic behaviors, and hallucinations.

Notable Marijuana Users

(Pixabay / Wild0ne)

The proponents of the drug, on the other hand, counter that people who have smoked marijuana have retained their mental functions and, in many cases, become highly regarded members of society.

While research is still piling up alongside the marijuana debate, showing the effects of longtime use, the following are some of the accomplished people who have reportedly used marijuana:


You might have read articles on the negative effect of using marijuana. But, ever wonder about the position of those marijuana users? Have you heard famous personalities who are totally fit and are actually blunt that they are marijuana users? This infographic provides some positive effect of using medicinal marijuana.

Did these Famous People Smoke Marijuana? [infographic]