If you feel a little bit sluggish after the holiday season, don’t be surprised. The binge eating and alcoholic drinks that are common to the holidays can take their toll on the body. They can introduce toxins that may slow down vital organs, making you feel tired and slow.

New Year Detox

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Start the New Year right by detoxifying alcohol and toxins, which can help you get rid of unhealthy elements that have accumulated in your system during the holiday season. The following are a few total body cleansing ideas that could help you be the best in the coming year:

  • Tea detox – The use of detox teas is an aggressive way to remove toxins from your system. There are various teas that are designed to cleanse the body. Be sure to read the product labels before drinking the tea though, because some may energize you with caffeine.
  • Green smoothie – When filled with the right ingredients, green smoothies can provide a burst of vitamins and minerals. Avoid sugary fruits such as bananas and add green, leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale instead.

In addition to detox drinks, try traditional detox products such as detox pills or detox cleansing drinks. These could include some of our famous 1-hour detox drinks.