May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. The month-long observance reminds people of the importance of being physically active. Physical fitness is a critical part of living a healthy lifestyle. Men and women, young and old, can benefit from participating in sports and other physical activities that benefit overall health.

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

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Some people mistakenly believe that they have to suspend their fitness regimen while doing detox procedures to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. Detox procedures need not interfere with your physical fitness routine. You can continue exercising while doing your detox at the same time.

The right kind of exercises, paired with the right detox program, can actually enhance the cleansing process. In fact, exercising while taking liquid detox drinks can be more beneficial than simply being sedentary.

The following are some effective workout and cleanse combinations:

  • Running/cycling plus raw food cleanses – You need to sustain your endurance workouts with foods that will boost energy. Green juices are rich in potassium that will help with muscle contraction and the prevention of cramps. Juices, however, will not be enough. You will also need raw solid foods such as avocados, nut milks, whole fruits, and vegetables. Aim for 1200 calories per day.
  • Strength training or conditioning classes plus fast metabolism cleanses – You can continue repairing your muscles while detoxifying by consuming higher levels of protein. Protein can come from protein shakes, which stimulate the release of energy and help with breaking down fats.
  • Low-intensity cardio plus organic “go green” cleanses – Low-intensity cardio exercises, such as walking or cycling, require energy. Try an all-green juice plan that includes metabolism-boosting spices such as jalapeno, system purifiers such as cilantro, and potassium rich drinks such as coconut water. (The electrolytes in the coconut water will prevent dehydration as you exercise.)

There are many benefits of staying active while cleansing. Just make sure to participate in the right kinds of exercises to support your body’s needs.