With the weather getting warmer and the spring rains behind us, it’s a great time to head outdoors. Rather than eating in the confines of your home, why not enjoy a meal outside for National Picnic Month? Put your favorite foods in the cooler, toss a blanket in the trunk of the car, and head out for a fine meal against the backdrop of sunny scenery. Throw a ball and a Frisbee into the mix for added fun.

July is National Picnic Month

(Pixabay / ki-kieh)

You can dine on a standard meal of cold cuts or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or mix it up with these healthy variations:

  • Ultimate veggie sandwich – Start with some whole grain bread topped with a thin spread of low-fat mayo or cream cheese. Top it with sliced cucumbers, peppers, avocadoes, tomatoes, and sprouts.
  • Vegetarian Muffuletta – This sandwich includes a mixed olive relish with layers of eggplant, artichokes, peppers, and Swiss chard. Add slices of smoked provolone for a rich finish.
  • Chicken and vegetable pinwheels – Bite-size pinwheels are easy to eat, store, and share. Layer a tortilla with cream cheese, red and yellow bell pepper slices, purple cabbage, baby spinach, shredded cooked chicken and a sprinkle of dry ranch powder. Roll up the tortillas, cut them into 10-inch slices and stack the slices in a plastic container.

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