Parents’ Day is observed every fourth Sunday of July. The holiday was created under the administration of President Bill Clinton in 1994.

Healthy Gift Ideas for Parents Day

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The purpose of Parents’ Day is to recognize, support, and uplift the role of parents in the rearing of children. On this day, people spend quality time with their parents or give them a phone call if they are living far away. Parents’ Day allows people to strengthen their relationships with the people who helped establish their foundation in life.
Although Parents’ Day is not a gift-giving holiday on the same scale as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, many people still observe the holiday by giving simple presents to their parents. The gifts need not be expensive but should reflect forethought and gratitude.

Children can honor their mothers and fathers on Parents’ Day with the gift of healthy living. As parents advance in age, they may feel the pull to be more conscious about the things they eat. If your parents are interested in improving their eating habits, healthy cookbooks make a great gift. It is never too late to start eating well.

If your parents enjoy staying fit, consider giving them a gym membership with a few sessions with a personal trainer to get them started. Going to the gym provides an invigorating boost to the day and can help people stay healthier and avoid common diseases as they advance in age.

Finally, you can give your parents the gift of health by introducing them to the importance of detoxification. They may have accumulated heavy toxins over the years. Giving them the gift of detox products can help restore their bodies to optimal function. Different detox kits are available at Pure Detox, each one suited to individual toxin levels.