Yoga has been around for around 5,000 years and is now accepted as a phenomenon in the Western world. What used to be regarded as merely a practice has now been adopted by many as a lifestyle. More than just a ritual of different poses, yoga embodies a philosophy.

Be a Yogi this Year

(Pixabay / Pexels)

People who want to start a new lifestyle and cleanse their minds should consider making yoga a part of their goals for the year. To incorporate yoga in your life this New Year, consider the following:

  • Try new yoga poses – True yogis know the standard routines, but try going beyond the traditional yoga poses to try something new. Expanding your yoga routine will not only be physically challenging, it will also be a test of the strength of your mind and will power.
  • Go vegetarian – You can turn to a vegetarian diet, something adopted by many yogis. Vegetables and fruits are easy to digest and are healthy.
  • Include pranayama – Pranayama is control of breathing. Breathing is essential in yoga. The power of breath is a universal force or energy that distinguishes the living from the dead. Different pranayamas have different effects on the human body and can deepen the effectiveness of your yoga experience.
  • Practice yoga philosophy – Yoga encourages you to speak the truth, be wise, be one with nature, and practice non-violence and non-cruelty. It encourages unity and service to mankind.
  • Introduce yoga to your loved ones – Share the joy you find in yoga with family members and friends so they can also reap the benefits of this lifestyle and philosophy.
  • Read one sutra each day – The knowledge of yoga covers a complete philosophy. Make it a point to listen to or read one principle each day of the year. The wisdom in the sutras can prove very beneficial when applied to your day-to-day life.
  • Go green – Yoga is close to nature. It preaches being one with nature. Green practices are part of the yoga lifestyle. Plant a tree, conserve water and energy, and refrain from polluting the earth.
  • Meditate – Meditation can sharpen your intellect, make you wiser, improve your memory, and cleanse your mind of impurities. Experience the magic of going deep into meditation and being one with your inner self.
  • Detox – As you cleanse your mind of impurities through meditation, it is also proper that you also cleanse your body of accumulated toxins. Liquid detox drinks from Pure Detox cleanse your body of toxins fast.

Even if you have never tried yoga, consider giving it a go this year. It can benefit both your mind and body.