Father’s Day is fast approaching, sending children everywhere into the familiar ritual of selecting just the right gift for dear old dad. Perhaps you might get your dad the “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug, a necktie, or a power tool. These are old standards—tried and true—but this year, you may want to opt for something a little more original.

Fathers Day Gifts

(Pixabay / sarahbernier3140)

Dads deserve our appreciation and love on Father’s Day—and all year round. After all, dads are often the ones to teach us to ride a bike or drive our first car, help us with homework, coach our sports teams, and scold us when we need a little correction.

If you’re looking for a gift with flair, consider the following:

  • Amazon Echo Dot – This is the perfect gift for the high-tech dad. It is akin to a personal assistant. It can operate via voice control, recite the daily news, play your dad’s favorite music, or order take out food. It can even assist with chores, such as controlling the outdoor sprinklers and thermostat and locking the doors.
  • HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker – Your dad will definitely love the chill of iced coffee on a warm summer day. This coffee maker will cool hot coffee in a minute for a refreshing treat. Your dad will no longer have to add ice cubes to his hot coffee, diluting the drink’s flavor. The coffee maker may also be used to chill wine, beer, and other drinks your dad loves.
  • Bespoke Post – This is a subscription service that will curate monthly gift boxes to be sent to a modern gentleman. Each box will be filled to the brim with luxury products centered on a specific monthly theme.
  • Gift of health – Dads want to feel their best. Give your dad detox drinks or detox kits to help him free his body of accumulated waste and gain more energy.

Wow your dad this year with an original gift to express your thanks for his example and friendship.