The world celebrates the International Day of Happiness on March 20. Often, happiness can be overlooked as world leaders focus on economic indicators. This global campaign argues that people’s happiness is also an important component of progress that should not be ignored.

Health and Happiness

(Pixabay / Unsplash)

Though each one of us may have our own interpretation of the meaning of happiness, the bottom line is that all humans want to be happy and fulfilled. Happiness may be determined in part by a person’s genetics and circumstances in life. It may be easier to be happy if we do not meet up with constant economic obstacles. It may also be easier to find satisfaction in life if we have attractive physical features or if we are raised in a loving family. Some of us may actually be born with a greater disposition toward positivity and contentment.

Happiness is within all of our reach, however, and a big part of being happy is establishing good habits. Consider these important habits for increasing joy in life:

  • Build relationships – Having meaningful relationships with other people is a big source of happiness. It takes time and energy to build strong relationships, but cultivating those bonds can help ensure a fulfilled life.
  • Completing a goal – We naturally feel good when we accomplish something in life. It’s important to set ongoing goals so you always have something to strive for in life. Pour your energy into accomplishing your objectives. The challenge will be rewarded with an enhanced sense of meaning.
  • Serve – Most people tend to spend their time and money on themselves, but there is greater long-term happiness in serving others’ needs. Try buying a cup of coffee for a homeless person or volunteering at a school or rest home. When people do kind things for you, serve them back by giving them a sincere word of appreciation or sending a thank you note. Serving others can get your mind off of your own problems and give your life purpose.
  • Breathe deeply – This may sound like a small thing, but breathing in through the nose and slowly exhaling through the mouth helps cleanse a person’s lungs, leaving them free of impure air. Breathe deeply and intentionally—especially when you are stressed.
  • Total body cleansing – We all eat unhealthy foods sometimes. You may be tempted to eat sweet or salty snacks and depend on processed, instant foods to fit your busy lifestyle. Over time, toxins from these unhealthy foods can accumulate in your body. Total body cleansing using herbal detox can help eliminate toxins and give the organs the needed boost to cleanse themselves. Using Pure Detox products will help you feel cleaner and more free. Better health can help you live longer and improve your mental outlook.

Life is what you make of it. Commit to incorporate happiness-inducing habits into your lifestyle.