Men’s Health Week is celebrated from June 12 to 18 in the lead up to Father’s Day. One way to get healthy is to detoxify your body. A good detox plan employs several facets that are all geared toward a common goal.

Detox for Mens Health Week

(Pixabay / MatanVizel)

Successful detox regimens will:

  • Cleanse the body of accumulated wastes and toxins – Inevitably, our daily diets will include components that are not good for the body. These harmful elements may come in small quantities, but over time, they can accumulate and have a significant effect on the body. Detoxification aims to remove these contaminants.
  • Reduce exposure to toxins – As the toxins accrue in the body, they will begin to negatively affect the function of different organs. Cleansing the body will provide the organs with renewed energy for optimal performance.
  • Provide the body with extra nutrition during the cleanse – Detoxifying drinks are designed to cleanse the body and replenish it with essential nutrients. As the detox drinks remove the accumulated waste and toxins, the vitamins in the detox drinks provide the body with the sustenance it needs for renewed vigor.

The first step in detoxification is the cleansing of the colon. This is the most important step in any detoxification plan because the colon is the largest source of waste and toxic buildup in the body. The majority of waste is eliminated from the body through the large intestine or colon. If the condition of the colon is not ideal, all detoxification methods will be less effective, and even useless.

In an ideal situation, the colon will cleanse itself. But today’s world is far from ideal in this respect. In many instances, people are plagued with constipation and other gastrointestinal troubles, which can compromise cleansing efforts. It is even possible for the body to reabsorb toxins through the walls of the colon. Thus, getting the colon clean and functional should be a top priority.

There are different products for purifying the colon, including one-hour detox drinks. The different liquid detox drinks from Pure Detox are very effective in ridding the body of accumulated wastes, freeing the organs to function at their best. Treat yourself to a detox treatment for Men’s Health Week.