Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world. People drink wine when they are relaxing or celebrating. The popularity of wine could be attributed to its broad range of tastes that appeal to many different people. Wine is enjoyed in both sophisticated and everyday settings. While rich indulge in the most expensive wines, there are plenty of affordable offerings for the rest of us.

Best Selling Wines From Around the World

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Popular wines shift from year to year. Here are the best-selling wine brands of 2017:

  1. Concha y Toro – The company is the largest wine producer in Latin America and is considered as one of the global leaders in winemaking. This wine is produced in Santiago, Chile but appeals to an international audience. It is a favorite in America, Africa, and the Middle East. The wine is contained in very attractive bottles. It is noted for its full-bodied and satisfying flavors (there are several varieties).
  2. Robert Mondavi – This is old brand of wine is appreciated by people from all walks of life. Robert Mondavi’s wine has a light smell that will attract even the most discriminating drinkers. It has a soothing effect and adds class to any occasion.
  3. Gallo – This is a popular American brand of wine, famous for its excellent taste and fine quality. The wine exudes a fruity flavor with a sweet taste and leaves a soft sensation in the mouth. The wine is best when cooled before drinking.
  4. Yellow Tail – A product of the Casella Family Brands, Yellow Tail wine is produced in Yenda, Australia. The Casella family has been producing wines in Italy since the 1820s. This affordable wine is enjoyed by the masses.
  5. Hardys – This Australian wine has a beautiful taste that has garnered many awards. Due to its winning history, it is associated with elegance and refinement. It tends to be a favorite among people on the loftier rungs of the societal ladder.

The best wines in the world are regarded as valuable commodities because they are the product of hard labor and dedication. Most of the wines are produced following old family traditions of winemaking that have been passed from one generation to the next.