For those who are legally of age to consume alcohol, it’s common to participate in drinking games when out at a party. Beer pong, one of the more popular drinking games. The following basic rules govern the conduct of the game of beer pong:

Beer Pong

(Pixabay / b0red)

How to get started
Depending on the size of your gathering, beer pong can be played one-on-one or in teams of two, with each team member taking turns throwing the ball. You can start with 10 cups for each side and align them in a triangle shape like bowling pins. Then fill the cups halfway, or lower depending on you and your friends’ preferences. Just make sure the cups are filled equally so each side has the same amount of beer.

Since multiple people touching a ping pong ball is a great way to spread germs, keep things sanitary by having water or wet wipes nearby to clean off the balls after each throw.

Let the games begin
When it comes to throwing the ball, you should use the technique you feel most comfortable with, whether that be throwing the ball or bouncing it. Each player or team takes a turn. To decide who goes first, you can flip a coin or play rock, paper, scissors.

If your aim and luck are good the ball will land in a cup. The person on the receiving end of the successfully sunken cup has to drink the beer within it. If you’re riding solo, drink the cup, if you are in a team, be sure to take turns with your teammate to share in the fun. Keep playing until no more cups remain. The team that drinks all their cups first loses.

For the beer lover, playing beer pong is a fun way to party and have fun with friends. While these are the basic rules, there are many variations of the game, so feel free to change the rules to make it more fun.