Cannabis production is fast becoming a worldwide industry, with countries producing the crop for domestic consumption and for export. Canada is leading the world in the exportation of cannabis, particularly its popular BC Bud variety. While cannabis is still illegal in Canada, the government has laid the groundwork for the exportation of the product to many countries where it is in great demand.

the Global Marijuana Trade

(Pixabay / noexcusesradio)

Many companies sell cannabis for health-related purposes. Medical cannabis is a booming market in America and Europe right now. Canada’s Peace Naturals is a licensed medical cannabis producer. In 2016, Peace Naturals started exporting cannabis flower to pharmacies in Germany after the German government approved medical marijuana for some severe illnesses. The German government has enacted a law for the legalization of marijuana for medical use. Germany will continue importing cannabis from Canada until it establishes its own growing facilities.

Other Canadian companies, such as Tweed and Tilray, have exported cannabis to Germany, New Zealand, Croatia, Chile, and Brazil. Several companies in the Netherlands, such as Bedrocan, have been exporting cannabis to Australia and many countries in the European Union. Even the Office of the Medicinal Cannabis of the Dutch government has shipped medical marijuana to Italy, Finland, and Germany.

Many more countries have established business relationships with Canadian and Dutch cannabis companies for the purpose of importing. Canada’s Tilray has made arrangements to export cannabis to Brazil and a number of still unnamed countries in the European Union. The company also reached an agreement to export cannabis to the state of Victoria in Australia.

Other countries are getting involved in the cannabis trade as well. Israel, a country that leads in medical cannabis research, is taking steps to decriminalize the possession of marijuana, as it keeps an eye on supplying cannabis to the American market.

While limited to medical distribution, clinical research, and compassionate access, the legal international trade of cannabis is growing and becoming a promising source of revenue for many economies.

It’s exciting for many to see the growing acceptance of cannabis, marijuana and other varieties of the crop. Make sure to abide by local laws and consider total body cleansing as needed.