Drug use can cause hallucination or an altered state of mind. It can even prompt drug users to commit unthinkable crimes. Here’s a look at a few violent crimes allegedly executed by people who were high on drugs.

Crimes Committed While Using Drugs

(Pixabay / rebcenter-moscow)

  • Killing spree – Canadian logger Dale Nelson went on a drinking spree on September 4, 1970. He later drove to the house of a relative where he used a fire extinguisher and a knife to kill a woman and her child inside the home. He proceeded to another house where he started shooting at the people inside. He then raped and killed a child. All told, Nelson killed eight people in his drug-fueled rampage. The police attributed the mass killings to his heavy use of alcohol and the hallucinogenic LSD.
  • Drug-induced stabbing – Ricky Kasso was a transient man who roamed the street of New York. He was named the Acid King because of his propensity for abusing LSD and other drugs. One time, after taking drugs, he stabbed a teenager multiple times, then gouged out his eyes. Kasso accused the teenager of stealing PCP from him. The police arrested Kasso for the dastardly crime, but he committed suicide later.
  • Cannibal on the loose – Rudy Eugene of Miami, Florida was high on Cloud Nine, also known as Ivory Wave, when he attacked a homeless man and ate his face. By the time the police arrived and shot him, the homeless man had already lost 75 percent of his face. Fortunately, the homeless man survived.
  • Naked rampage – Pamela McCarthy was high on a drug similar to Cloud Nine when she went on a naked rampage and choked her three-year-old son. She also tried killing the family dog by strangling it. The police were called, and she attempted to bite an officer. He doused her with pepper spray, but she was impervious to its effects. The police were forced to use a Taser to subdue McCarthy, and later died of a cardiac arrest.

Drug abuse is serious business. It can make people do things that they would never do when they are sober. It can end in tragedy for both the drug user and those who might be affected by their bad habit.